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Welcome to    6x14.COM

What is 6x14? Bringing the past into the present, making the art of the 100 year-old 3A & 4A cameras usable once again. The conversion is for 120-film use. A 3A camera converted produces a '6x14' image size, 5 images on a 120 roll. A 4A can produce a '6x17' image size.

This website is dedicated to taking these old classic cameras off the shelf and putting them back into the hands of the artist-photographer. The original film run in the 3A was 122 size film, now long since discontinued. This camera produced a postcard sized image suitable for contact printing, before the days anyone had access to a home enlarger. These cameras were made until the mid 30's with a multitude of variations and lenses.

I convert cameras mostly now as a hobby, for my own personal use. I can show you how to do it yourself, give you tips on maintenance, fixing bellows with pinholes, cleaning the old uncoated glass and conditioning the leather. Also; recommendations on camera repair shops able to clean and fix the old lenses, if they can be fixed. Best Regards, Dave Wood